Imagine being immersed in the most beautiful scenery in Canada, mountains all around you with a mighty river inches beneath your feet. Picture one of the world’s most abundant sport fishing resource’s at the end of your line!

Take a breath, and anticipate a 10 foot + (3 meter +) primitive giant taking your bait and beginning the battle of fish vs human. This White Sturgeon could be a 100 year old veteran; it may have been hooked before knowing all the tricks to try and shake your barbless hook. Or, it may have never been tempted by what offerings have been presented and act on raw emotion. Whatever the case, you will be in for the battle of a lifetime!

With Crescent Sport Fishing, you’ll have this opportunity, along with your best chance of getting a photograph with one of these pre-historic giants. When the fight is over, our guides will record vital data and release the fish to continue its journey. Crescent Sport Fishing always follows “Safe Handling Practices” as set out by the Ministry of British Columbia to ensure this precious resource is around for later generations to enjoy.

Crescent Sport Fishing was founded by owner/operators and guides Josh Carlson and Colin Evans in a passion for the ultimate fishing experience. Having fished the river and lake systems of British Columbia since the mid 1980’s, the river systems of the Fraser Valley & Fraser Canyon gave the best opportunities.

With sport fish such as White Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout in abundance, the Fraser Valley, British Columbia is world renown for the action it can produce.

Josh & Colin are committed to the experience, ensuring that the customer not only enjoys the fishing, but leaves with an appreciation of how unique, yet fragile this ecosystem is.