Enjoy a successful angling experience with Crescent Sportfishing! Crescent Sport Fishing provides an exhilarating experience of sturgeon and salmon fishing in British Columbia. The Fraser River is an ideal Sturgeon and Salmon sport fishing location. 


white sturgeon

  • Catch and release with proper handling practices.
  • One trait that makes the white sturgeon so unusual is its incredibly long lifespan. Some individuals are over 100 years old – these individuals were around even before British Columbia became part of Canada.
  • Tracking studies indicate that sturgeon generally don’t move more than a few km during the summer feeding season.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Chinook (Spring)

Chinook Salmon


Coho Salmon


Chum Salmon


Pink Salmon

  • Retained fishery or catch and release depending on openings, species and time of year.
  • Five species of Pacific salmon migrate through the Fraser river. There are many opportunities to enjoy salmon fishing throughout the summer and well into autumn.